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Concept of holistic self-perception through
consciousness, energy and body
Consciousness Energy Body
Restoring ecosystem integrity
(health & well-being)

A Person’s ecosystem is a complex self-regulating, self-organizing and self-developing system.

It unites the physical body, energy body and consciousness.

Reconnection "consciousness - energy - body" provides an opportunity for a holistic self-perception, health and well-being.

3 methods for restoring the integrity
of a person's ecosystem:
Kalari marma healing

Kalari Marma Therapy restores the connection between the physical and energy body of a person with the primal consciousness.

An imbalance in the physical body occurs after an imbalance in the energy body. This is a belief of all the traditional (ancient) methods of restoring the physical body.

Kalari Marma Therapy removes the blocks that prevent the physical body from connecting with its energy nature. And it helps to restore the connections of the energy body with the primal consciousness.

The process of reconnection сonsciousness, energy and body takes place through the work with body and energies by a conscious practitioner-healer.

A healer creates the conditions when a person's wish to be healthy is united with the cause of his health - the primal consciousness.

Energy Practice

Health is not only a state of physical well-being, but also the ability to balance yourself in the surrounding reality.

In AKS SPACE, a person seeking health additionally learns to consciously perceive the personal energy body and energies of the surrounding space.

We give energy practices for everyone who wants to learn how to perceive his energy body and work with the original consciousness.

Energy classes are taught by an experienced practitioner. This is the only way to get a “live” tool that you can use yourself.

So a person learns to balance the work of the physical body by himself.

Body Practice

In translation from Sanskrit “yoga” means “connection”. If Kalari Marma Healing and energy practices help a person unite himself "from top to bottom", then yoga is a natural movement of the person himself as a physical body, showing his desire to unite "from the bottom up".

Yoga practice helps to remove blocks from inside the physical body by alternating tension and relaxation. In the process of transitioning from one state (posture) to another, a person uses the energy body, which attracts consciousness to perform its tasks and makes a person more ideal.