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Daily yoga classes, private sessions & energy practices (meditations) in Nataraja Yoga Shala.
Yoga practice in Nataraja Yoga Shala encourages restoring a person's ecosystem integrity through movement, awareness of the physical body and energy practice (meditation).
At AKS Space we focus on maintenance of connection and balance of CONSCIOUSNESS, ENERGY and BODY.
Yoga practice helps to remove blocks inside the physical body by alternating tension and relaxation. In the process of transitioning from one state (posture) to another, a person uses the energy body, which attracts consciousness to perform its tasks and makes a person more ideal.
To get detailed information on the schedule and cost, please contact tel./WhatsApp: +94 (76) 333-93-28
To get detailed information and cost, please contact tel./WhatsApp: +94 (76) 333-93-28

When you feel energy flowing in the body, when you understand how physical exercises make the energy move, then you understand your body anew. Now your body is your assistant.

You definitely understand what relaxation and lightness of the body are, when energies and liquids move in it, organs work in tune.

You become a magician - you can remove the interfering blocks from inside, you can create a rush of vital and creative energy yourself.

Contact with your body unlocks incredible potential.

And you will no longer be able to eat bad food or sit incorrectly, because you "see" the reaction of internal organs to it. Response times will only get shorter with experience."