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We are a community of people who are
united by the desire for a conscious life.
Tatiana Savitrash
Visionary art painter, teach energy practices and painting.
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Tatiana Tape
Athlete, equestrian coach. Expert in discovering the talents of riders and horses. The art of riding is a delicate mixture of energy, philosophy, aesthetics and exercise.
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Erokhina Elizabeth
Certified trainer in yoga, breathing practices, vibration-acoustic massage, eye gymnastics specialist.
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Bykovskaya Ulyana
Certified Nutritionist, Health Coach and Meditation Teacher.
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Irina Donskova
I have been teaching martial arts kalaripayattu and working with qi energy for over 15 years.
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Aleksandr Vodovozov
Businessman. Business adviser.
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Tatiana Kameneva
StartUp Marketing. Experienced manager.
I pass on knowledge about energy, tantra, yoga.
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Dan Adhip
Writer, meditation instructor, children programming tutor.
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