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Restoring ecosystem integrity (health & well-being) by Kalari Marma Healing.

Kalari Marma Healing is restoring the connection between the physical and energy body of a person with the primal consciousness.

Kalari Marma Therapy is not only an excellent full body massage to feel relaxed, strong, healthy and young, but also a deep restoration of human vitality through the opening of energy channels.

The unique difference of Kalari Marma Therapy is the achievement of a quick therapeutic effect.


Kalari Marma Therapy includes:

  • Massage of the whole body, including hands, feet, head and face, using special oils.
  • The oil is prepared individually according to the state of health.
  • Through this special massage, the therapist affects all the vital points called “Marma” of the body to restore the normal flow of liquids and energy in the body.
  • Mostly, therapy is performed with the addition of grass powder, additionally revealing the capillary and lymphatic systems and moving out metabolic products.
  • The procedure includes manual therapy, osteopathy, gouache.
  • The procedure is completed by “SVETOKARMA” - body warming with herbal steam, which additionally stimulates blood circulation, promotes absorption of remedial substances contained in medicinal oils and herbs, stimulates the activity of sweat glands, promoting detoxification of the body.

Induchuodan Aashan has 25 years of experience. He is a master of various techniques of ayurvedic massages, manual therapy, gouache.

He works with the problems of internal organs, spine, joints, circulatory disorders and metabolic disorders.

  • The procedure takes about two hours.
  • Restoring rejuvenating Kalari Marma Therapy course can last from 5 up to 21 days.
  • It's recommended to take the whole course of Kalari Marma Therapy.
    • Excellent relaxing effect is achieved after five procedures.
    • Healthful effect — after seven procedures.
    • Deep effect — after nine procedures.
  • During the course of therapy (more than 4 times), a special personalized diet is prescribed and designed by Induchoudan Aashan. A personalized meal plan helps the body detoxify and recover during therapy.
  • Ayurvedic medicines are selected individually according to the state of health and are included in the cost of therapy.
  • Therapy effects can be intensified by other specially selected practices (meditation, yoga, kalaripayattu), which you can do after the course at home on your own or online with our trainers.
How to take a Kalari Marma
Healing course?
  • Get an initial consultation with Indu Aashan or the healers of the center about your state of health by phone, WhatsApp or online via skype, zoom.
  • Collect as much information about the state of health as possible before the first session.
  • Agree on a convenient time for the course.
  • There are some contraindications

Consultations are free of charge.

For consultation please contact
mob./WhatsApp: +94 (76) 333-93-28

We can meet online via Skype or Zoom.

How to make therapy
even more effective?

Kalari Marma Therapy is a traditional complex system of healing, deep restoration of human vitality through the opening of all energy channels.

Kalari Marma Therapy is not a game, joke or entertainment, but a thorough and responsible approach to human health. Therefore, the client cannot choose the procedures on their own just to try out something new. Only a healer, who is responsible for your well-being, prescribes procedures, a diet, and a diet that is right for you.

Your task is to adjust to serious work with yourself (your body, energies and consciousness) and accept the purpose of this work.

From our side, we have created the most comfortable conditions for you to reach your goal.

Recovery from

Kalari Marma Therapy is one of the most effective ways to recover from COVID-19.

One of the main problems of the body after COVID 19 is blood circulation disorder and insufficient oxygen in cells, as well as lymph circulation disorder. The virus slows down the movement of all fluids. The liver stops working normally, etc.

Kalari Marma Therapy helps to restore normal blood and lymph circulation and to remove the infection remnants, remove the virus waste products from cells. After COVID 19, deep detoxification is very important for the body.

For deep detoxification:

  • You need to restore the work of the capillary and lymphatic system. The healer does this during the massage, by contracting the muscles and "dispersing" the blood and lymph with accompanying procedures.
  • Individually selected Ayurvedic oil removes the waste products of the virus.
Free consultations

For consultation please contact mob./WhatsApp: +94 (76) 333-93-28

We can meet online via Skype or Zoom.